June! Summer's finally here!
June! Summer's finally here!
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Milking The Cereal

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The other day, the kids (7yo boy and 5yo girl) asked me if they can have cornflakes for dinner. We call them cornflakes, but actually, they're chocolate covered cereal...


Now, our "ruling party protocol" dictates that these decisions are referred immediately to the "minister of health" (aka my wife). So, as per the protocol, I said “go ask Mummy”. And as it happens, when sugar saturated snacks are involved, the children are remarkably obedient. And so, my son went to Mummy to ask her. 

“Mummy can we have cornflakes for dinner?”
“Ask your father”
“What...?” (he knows this is against protocol)
“Ask your father...”
“...but... but... he told me to ask you”
“And I'm telling you to ask him!”
“...but you never tell me to ask him!”
“Today, I'm telling you to ask him...”
“Oh... OK.”

And so, my very confused son, came back to me.

“She told me to ask you... but you always say no.”
“No point in asking then I guess.”
“But I really, really want cornflakes for dinner.”
“Yes, really, really. Can I please have cornflakes for dinner? Pleeeeeeeease?”

Milking It

It's not a pun (honest!), but I love to milk these situations. I feel like my kids wind me up so much, I have to do a little something, just to restore balance to the universe. This is the only way I know how... and so...

“How much do you want to have cornflakes just now?”
“A lot! A lot! Like... a lot!”
“Uh-huh. So not a little then?”
“No, a lot! I really, really, want to have cornflakes!”
“Really, really? That doesn't sound like that much. It's just two 'really's...”
“Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really...!!”
“So a lot?”

(I just can't help myself. I don't know what it is about me).

“...but were you good today?”
“Yes! Yes, I was very good today?”

So far so good, but it's not fair to only ask him. We need to involve his sister too. So I did...

“Was your brother good today?”
“Yes Daddy, he was good today!”
“Do you want cornflakes too?”
“Yes Daddy!”
“Were you good today?”
“Yes Daddy!”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I'm sure!”

But we shouldn't just lean on the one child... so I went back to her brother.

“Was she good today?”
“Yes, she was good today”
“And you were good?”
“Yes, I was good too!”
“Did you cry at all today?”
“No, I didn't cry at all today...!”
“Not even once?”
“No! Not once!”

Maybe we'll do the sister, just one more time.

“Did you cry today?”
And silence.

We found a soft spot!

Good Or Evil?

“I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. Did you cry today...?”
Very,very quietly “yes...”

Lucky for them, though they're not always good, I'm not evil...!

“Did you cry a little or a lot?”
With a big smile “A LITTLE!”

And that's my cue...  

“Well then, maybe you can have cornflakes... but just a little ok?”

Which led to both kids shouting “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!” in unison. Always a nice sound...! 

Learning To Work For It 

They should work for it a little, don't you think dear Readers? God knows they make me work...!

Thank you for taking the time to visit dear Readers. If you have a minute to comment below, I'd be very happy to hear your thoughts!

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  • Rachel Hayes Peck on

    When mine were little and I worked full time, my lad was really poorly one morning but I had A big meeting it was 6.45am and I needed TO GO. He lay in the hallway Infront of the front door….. I told him breakfast club jam was magic and had medicine in it and he would have to eat it on toast or he’d feel ill forever….. He had tonsillitis and two weeks later we had to go private and get them taken out as an emergency…. But I still won that morning… Small victories..

  • Sarah on

    This sounds like our house 😂

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