June! Summer's finally here!
June! Summer's finally here!
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The Most Important Baby-Sleeping-With-Pacifier Tip I've Got

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Thanks to my third child (now 9 months old), I learnt a little trick, which is actually a very big trick!

It's something so simple, and can give parents extra sleeping time, so I really wanted to share. 

This post shouldn't be long, but it might be... because I'm terrible at guessing how long these things are.

Sleeping Through The Night

My boy is now 9 months old. He uses a pacifier (like his two older siblings did). The pacifier, though frowned upon by some, is just an incredibly effective... pacifier.

(It also happens to be one of the most aptly named inventions ever.) 

Now, he sleeps through the night (more or less), and has done so from around 3 months old. He falls asleep at around 8 pm, and will want to feed around 8 or 9 hours later (i.e. 4 am). In between, though he's not hungry, he'll wake up a few times (around 5). 

When he does, the best thing to do is find the pacifier in his bed, and give it to him. However, this has to be done fast. Every second counts. If he cries for 20 seconds, he's likely to stay up (and you might need an hour to get him back to sleep).

Meanwhile, it's dark. You can't see the pacifier (and obviously, you can't turn the light on). 

The Trick

And this is where the trick comes in. I now keep a stash of pacifiers (at least 3) next to the bed. 

When he wakes up, I don't look for a pacifier. I pick one up from the stash, and put it in his mouth. He falls asleep immediately.

THEN I look for the pacifier in his bed. When I find it, I put it into the stash (so that it stays at 3). This will happen several times at night.

The reason you need a stash of 3 (plus one in the bed), is because the pacifiers might fall out of his crib at night. Obviously, this means you might not find them and if you do, you'll need to wash them... both activities you probably don't want to bother doing whilst you're half-asleep.

That's It!

This trick will save you a few seconds of time searching for the pacifier in his bed. However, the difference between 5 seconds at this time, could mean an hour of your sleep! At least that's how it is for me, so I wanted to share! 

I hope it works for you too. 

Either way, I hope you sleep well!  

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  • Parent Bear on

    Thank you Tracy! You see, that’s it… my ninja skills weren’t good enough, so I had to take it back to basics! :-)

  • Tracy Albiero on

    It is amazing the ninja-like skills you develop to find a pacifier in the dark! #mixitup

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