Top 5 Parenting Stand Up Comedy Videos on YouTube (#2 is my fave)

parenting stand up comedy

I love stand up comedy. Not all stand up comedy, a lot of it is not as good as I'd like. However, when you find a good one, and you laugh your head off, it's all worth it.

Actually, it's quite similar to parenting. Check it out:

I love parenting. Not all parenting, a lot of it is not as much fun as I'd like. However, when you get a good moment, and laugh your head off, it's all worth it.

I'll be honest, I can't find good parenting moments for you, but I did find great parenting stand up clips for you. All free, all on YouTube. This top 5 contains only family friendly clips, suitable for all.

Some of these are big names, like Jim Gaffigan. Others are not so well known, but they're all hilarious. My favourite in this list is Ron Pearson, though let that not take anything away from the others! I challenge anyone to watch them all without falling off your chair at least once (ok I admit it, some people might manage it, but only because they have super sturdy chairs).


Correct as of 9th of August 2018.

  Comedian Clip Name URL Lgth
1 Jim Gaffigan Mr Universe – 4 KIDS 7:16
2 Ron Pearson Ron Pearson And Raising Kids 2:53
3 Michael McIntryre Battles of Parenting 6:56
4 Michael McIntryre People with no kids don't know 7:42
5 Tyler Boeh A Dads Guide To Having Children 5:03


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  • Rio on

    I like Ali Wong too. But hers is more like an introduction to Parenting comedy 😅

    - Rio,

  • Nigel on

    Love these sort of videos Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  • Parent Bear on

    Thank you guys for the comments! There’s also a new “comedy company” on youtube, called Dry Bar Comedy. They’ve put tons and tons of stuff on there since the turn of the year or thereabouts, and there’s no foul language (though there are some adult themes).

  • Enda Sheppard on

    Will definitely watch later – even though I find McIntyre a bit too smug and delighted with himself for my liking! #ThatFridayLinky

  • David and Donetta on

    Awesome! We love comedy and parenting comedy is usually so relatable. Michael McIntrye is so funny! :)


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