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How quickly do I get my order?

-It takes around 4 working days to produce your t-shirt upon ordering. If you're in the UK, it then takes another 2 to 3 days to reach you.

Outside the UK, product travel time is around 1 week (e.g. USA, Canada) for most of our customers. For our customers who live in Africa, Asia or South America, shipments average a longer travel time, typically between 10 and 15 days.

Is the shipment cost included in the price?

-No, unless your order is over £50. 

NOTE: The above does not apply in conjunction with promotions and sales. 

How much does the shipment cost then? 

UK - £2.49
Europe inc Russia - £3.49
US - £3.99
Everyone else - £5.99

If you have any doubts, or want to place an order with specific requirements, please get in touch using the form below.

Are taxes included in the prices?

-Yes, but please read on.

In the EU, all taxes are included.

Anywhere else, again taxes are included. HOWEVER, some countries (outside the EU), may charge customs duties depending on the size of your order. In the "West", the probability is that you will NOT have to. If in doubt, please check with your local post office/customs offices.  

What if I'm not satisfied with my product?

-Parent Bear operates a "no fuss" returns policy. Please get in touch with us using the form below, to arrange your return.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still buy from you?

-Yes, provided you have a credit card. 

Proceed with PayPal from our checkout page. It will give you an option to Create An Account. You will NOT need to create an account. However, you will click on that button, and then you will be given the option to make a purchase as a guest (it's a bit strange, but life can be like that... :-). 

This information is correct as of 1st of June 2018.

What does "runs true to size" mean?

-It means that if the t-shirt is Medium, it really is Medium. For example, our "slim fit" ladies line, says Medium, but it won't feel like that... because it's "slim fit".

What does "runs smaller than usual" mean?

-This means that the t-shirt fits more tightly than a usual t-shirt. So, if you buy a Medium, it might feel like a Small. It's not really Small (because a Small would be shorter), but it's tighter, so bear that in mind when purchasing.

My question is not included here. What should I do?

-It probably just means you're special! ;-) 

Just fill in the form below and we'll reply asap (in less than 1 working day).